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Digital Accessibility      East Midlands

Roberta Beattie

Roberta specialises in Digital Accessibility and can give you advice on creating digital content that is accessible, creating accessibility statements, and running accessibility audits. Based in the Nottingham office, Roberta offers Digital Accessibility support to creative and cultural organisations across England.

Roberta Beattie

Articles by Roberta Beattie

Beginner Read Digital Accessibility   

Digital Accessibility: A Diagnostic Checklist

There are so many advantages to creating content that is digitally accessible. Not only is it inclusive, it can help your content convert better as well as appear in relevant searches. For creative and cultural organisations, it's also a wonderful way to make sure you can reach your audiences. To help you get started we've created a simple diagnostic checklist for digital accessibility with links to further resources.

   ·   7 months ago

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