2022 Digital Culture Awards

Text sits on a blue background, featuring pink semi-circle patterns. text reads Digital Culture Awards 2022. Logos for Digital Culture Awards, Arts Council England and the Digital Culture Network sit below.

We recieved more than 400 incredible entries, from over 270 organisations and individuals, in the first Digital Culture Awards which launched in September 2021.

Ten Winners were chosen across the eight categories, including one special commendation and the Winners Winner, chosen by special guest Judge Kanya King OBE.

Explore them all to be in inspired by their ambitious stories of digital innovation!

2022 Emerging Digital Leader

Emerging Digital Leader category celebrates an individual who is using digital technology or tools to drive meaningful and long-term change, either on their own projects or within an organisation.

2022 Digital Trailblazer

Digital Trailblazer celebrates integration of digital technology into processes, systems, or other organisational structures resulting in measurable growth in efficiencies and digital skills or maturity within an organisation.

2022 Content Creation and Distribution

Content Creation and Distribution celebrates an organisation’s innovative use of digital technology to create and distribute creative and cultural content into homes, venues and community spaces.

2022 Data Driven

Data Driven celebrates innovative use of data collection and analysis to steer decision making and drive impactful long-term change

2022 Income Generation

Income Generation celebrates innovative ways of utilising digital technology to create revenue streams or to raise funds.

2022 Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion celebrates innovative use of digital technology to improve access to creativity and culture for diverse and representative audiences.

2022 Being Social

Being Social celebrates innovative use of social media platforms to reach, grow and engage with new and existing audiences.