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We’re thrilled to reveal the Winners of the 2023 Digital Culture Awards!

The nine winning entries come from organisations and individuals who are dedicated to embedding digital technology in their work.

From using technology to innovate their creative output, engage with their audience or bridge divides, to using digital tools to streamline processes or build digital and data literacy skills development into their organisational structures, this group is an exciting snapshot of the digital innovation and transformation taking place across the creative and cultural sector.

In case you missed it, you can still watch the 2023 Digital Culture Awards livestream recording below!

What are the Digital Culture Awards?

The Digital Culture Awards are an awards opportunity presented by Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network which celebrate and showcase digital and tech innovation in creativity and culture.

Since 2019, the Digital Culture Network has supported over 1300 organisations and individuals with their digital transformation projects, and we continue to be inspired by the innovation and agility our sector displays.

The Digital Culture Awards allow us to recognise the very best in digital transformation, digital engagement, and use of technology in creativity and culture across England.

Who’s involved?

We engaged eight inspiring industry leaders from the worlds of tech and culture to be our 2023 Digital Culture Award Judges. For more info head to our Judges page.

We also collaborated with two exciting digitally-minded organisations – learn more about them and their work on our Partners page.

What are the categories?

The 2023 Digital Culture Awards took entries across eight categories covering the use of digital technology to create or distribute content, reach new audiences, improve organisational processes and systems, generate income and more.

Digital Inclusion – People’s Choice category!

Your innovative use of digital technology to improve access to creativity and culture for diverse and representative audiences.

Being Social – People’s Choice category!

Your innovative use of social media platforms to reach, grow and engage with new and existing audiences.

Income Generation

Your innovative way of utilising digital technology to create revenue streams or to raise funds.

Using Data

Your innovative use of data collection and analysis to steer decision making and drive impactful long-term change.

Digital Transformation

Your integration of digital technology into processes, systems, or other organisational structures resulting in measurable growth in efficiencies and digital skills or maturity within your organisation.

Digital Ambassador

You are an individual using digital technology or tools to drive meaningful and long-term change, either on your own projects or within an organisation.

Digital Content

Your organisation’s innovative use of digital technology to create and distribute creative and cultural content into homes, venues and community spaces, demonstrating how innovation in digital content has had a positive impact on your goals and audiences.

Content Creator

Your innovative use of digital technology to create and distribute creative and cultural content into homes, venues and community spaces. You are an individual who can demonstrate how prioritising digital content over traditional formats has had a positive impact on your audience and your goals.

Tech Champions’ Choice

Nominated by the Tech Champions, this category recognises outstanding commitment to digital skills development or implementation of digital technology to drive change within an organisation or by an individual.

Want advice on your next digital project or have a tech problem you need solving?

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