The Digital Culture Network team has supported many organisations since we began. Here are some videos and a few kind words, to show you the things that we have been up to with them!

We also have lots of case studies to read in our knowledge hub.

Leeds Museums & Galleries

I have attended multiple Digital Culture Network webinars and have had several one-to-one support sessions, all have been superb. To have this support available in the sector, especially if you don’t have a digital team in-house, is invaluable. To know I can ask for help and receive impartial and expert advice means I’m not taking ‘big decisions’ in the dark. It also means I can accomplish things I would otherwise struggle to do. The Tech Champions are just that: Champions! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!

Izzy Bartley – Digital Learning Officer – Leeds Museums & Galleries

South London Gallery

We have recently received one-to-one support from Kath, eCommerce Tech Champion and Ollie, Digital Marketing Tech Champion. The advice and expertise they shared was invaluable. I couldn’t believe the time and consideration they gave us and cannot thank them enough for all of the support. The Tech Champions were clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, they took the time to understand our specific needs and tailor their support to our organisation.

In addition, I have spent a lot of time exploring the webinars and articles on the Digital Culture Network Knowledge Hub. These resources have been incredibly useful and I frequently refer back to them. I’ve shared learnings with colleagues and regularly find myself putting into practice something that I’ve learned. The webinar about getting to grips with website UX in particular was amazing.

Eleanor Costello – Digital Communications Manager – South London Gallery

Grimm & Co

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everything that the Digital Culture Network are doing. From the two days of face-to-face training just before lockdown in March, to the excellent webinars, to the individual support we have received, all has been so helpful and we are truly grateful.

Louise Treloar – Grimm & Co

The Place

Impossible Things UK

Emma was insightful, fun, enthusiastic, and informative and I would relish liaising with her again in the future on our journey ahead. For the first time, I feel that someone has given me and my team what we specifically need, tailored to us, and I can actually implement the work we discussed. With the recent influx of free online webinars and tech ‘help’, this is the only service that has truly felt invaluable to me.

Lynsey Cowlishaw – Impossible Things UK


Alexander Augustus

Roberta, thank so much for the website advice a couple of months ago. I actually began a blog due to your advice and have been posting weekly. It drives a lot of interaction. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Philip Pullman and he read it and messaged me!!! I’ve been in shock all day.

Alexander Augustus – UK Artist

Art UK

Derby Book Festival

I can’t thank you enough for your patience, help and commitment to all this. It has been enormously valuable to the DBF team and for me, it’s made me believe in my own imagination, vision and confidence again.

Derby Book Festival

Chain Bridge Forge

Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery

I cannot express strongly enough how thrilled I am with this service. I have had 2 actual meetings with the champions one with Marc in the NE around Strategy which is an ongoing project and can’t tell you how well supported I feel. Marc also provided feedback on a problem we are currently debating.

Emma has been amazing too, having discussed a number of issues she promptly provided me with links and documents and since then has followed up Our request for more specific advice with Roberta and I have already had feedback.

Please keep this service fully funded for years to come. I am sure that I am not the only professional person who, in a small mainly volunteer-run museum, will benefit from this type of support. I wonder if other museums know it is available.

Mary Dawson – Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery

Quilters Guild

Download the case study here:

The support we received was professional and invaluable. It has enabled us to move forward and has helped relieve a bottle neck because we were unsure what to do. I am extremely grateful for the help we received.

Christine Gatman – Quilters Guild

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