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The Digital Culture Network is 5!

  ·   1 month ago
Tech Champion Dean Shaw on Tour

Dean Shaw, Video and Digital Content Tech Champion, is taking his camera and his expertise out on tour – and he could be visiting YOU! 

  ·  6 months ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Jack

Jack specialises in the operational elements of audience research - data collection and fieldwork, encompassing online and face-to-face methods as well as other tools and approaches.

  ·  10 months ago
Your Digital Journey

Digital Journeys is a series of case studies, showcasing successful long-term relationships between the Digital Culture Network and creative and cultural organisations.

  ·  11 months ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Roberta

Roberta specialises in digital accessibility and can give you advice on creating digital content that is accessible, creating accessibility statements, and running accessibility audits.

  ·  11 months ago
Creative People and Places, Bridgwater – June 2023

Jacqueline Ewers, Tech Champion for Email Marketing and Roberta Beattie, Tech Champion for Digital Accessibility have recently attended the Creative People and Places event in Bridgwater. Here you can read Roberta's reflection on the event.

  ·  11 months ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Kath

Katherine specialises in eCommerce. She can help you take your first steps in eCommerce or identify opportunities to grow your existing online revenues. Here you can find out a bit more about Kath and her work for the Digital Culture Network.

  ·  12 months ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Jacqueline!

Jacqueline is the Tech Champion for Email Marketing and can help you by offering advice and tactics for growing email contacts, email campaign planning, developing customer journeys, and ways to improve email response rates.

  ·  1 year ago
Tech Champions’ Choice award

Introducing a brand-new Digital Culture Award category where all nominees are chosen by the Tech Champions!

  ·  1 year ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Ollie

Ollie is our Tech Champion for Digital Marketing and Strategy. He can support you through the research, planning and development stages of your digital marketing strategy, providing tools, techniques, and tactics to improve your chances of success online. Here you can find out a bit more about Ollie and his work for the Digital Culture Network. 

  ·  1 year ago
More than just books

The Community Libraries Network and the Digital Culture Network have come together to provide Tech Champion support to community libraries on their digital journeys.

  ·  1 year ago
2022 Digital Culture Award Winners

Meet the 2022 Digital Culture Awards Winners and hear what they've been doing in months since their win.

  ·  1 year ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Dean!

Dean is the longest-standing Tech Champion, and has been with The Digital Culture Network since 2019. Dean specialises in the production and distribution of engaging digital content, from creating great video and photo content, to the strategy behind when and where is the best time and place to reach your own unique audience. Here you can find out a bit more about Dean and his work for the Digital Culture Network. 

  ·  1 year ago
Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet James

James was one of the first Tech Champions to join the Digital Culture Network in 2019, and, since then he supported over 380 organisations! James specialises in Data Analytics & Insight, and can help you with digital strategy, website development and data-driven decision-making. Here you can find out a bit more about James and his work for the Digital Culture Network. 

  ·  1 year ago
Our Team is Growing!

Our team is expanding, and over the last couple of months, we've had two new Tech Champions join the Digital Culture Network Team. Here you can learn more about them, their specialisms, and the support they can offer.

  ·  2 years ago
Is Your Organisation Ready for Museum Shop Sunday?

The Association of Cultural Enterprises has put together a great set of resources to promote Museum Shop Sunday. Our Tech Champion for eCommerce, Kath, shares her excitement about the campaign and highlights what a great opportunity this is for museums and cultural venues.

  ·  2 years ago
Welcome our new Tech Champions

Over the last couple of months we've welcomed not one, not two but three new Tech Champions into the team! Here we'll tell you a bit about them and how they could help you and your organisation.

  ·  2 years ago
Introducing the Digital Culture Awards Winners!

Celebrating the best digital innovation in the arts: Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network announces winners of the first Digital Culture Awards

  ·  2 years ago
Digital Culture Network Newsletter – Sign up!

Want to get all the latest Digital Culture Network news straight to your inbox? Read on to find out what you can expect from our monthly newsletter and how to sign up.

  ·  3 years ago
Tickets for Good on why they developed the ‘Virtual Ticket Bank’

Over the last year, we at the Digital Culture Network have witnessed a vast amount of arts and culture organisations shift their events online during a time when venues and performance spaces have been closed. Despite this increase in online activity, some people have struggled to access cultural content for a variety of reasons.

  ·  3 years ago
Digital Inclusion or Exclusion?

Did you know that 7 million people do not have access to the internet at home? Or that 17 million people only use the internet for limited purposes? Organisations now have the opportunity to place digital accessibility at the heart of their planning and digital inclusion strategies in work with local communities. Read on to find out what Tiina Hill thinks.

  ·  3 years ago
Independent Venue Week Goes Digital, 25-31 January 2021

The Digital Culture Network has seen many arts and cultural organisations move their programme to digital, and this week’s Independent Venue Week (IVW) is a great example of this. They are showcasing a week jam packed full of shows streamed from across the UK to music lovers, hosted by different independent venues, showcasing the latest in musical talent.

  ·  3 years ago
The Digital Rollup 2020: CELEBRATE

Our team saw the sector make great strides last year. From streaming for the first time, embracing social media through to building whole new experiences and engaging exciting new audiences, you’ve done it all.

  ·  3 years ago
New EDX accessibility course launched

Fancy improving your knowledge around accessibility and gaining a verified certificate while you're at it? Look no further. EDX have developed a foundation level 4 week course that's well worth a look.

  ·  4 years ago
We Are One

The Digital Culture Network was launched in the summer of 2019 to develop the digital capabilities of the arts and culture sector. One year on, we reflect on what we've achieved, what we've learned and what you've told us.

  ·  4 years ago
Welcome to the Digital Culture Network

Technology is changing the way we live our lives at a rapid rate, and culture is no exception. Cultural organisations are using technology in a variety of ways to drive their creative thinking and business practices. But how can they keep pace with the moving beast that is ‘digital’ when it evolves on a daily basis?

  ·  4 years ago