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Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Dean!

What has your Digital Culture Network journey looked like so far? 

When I started with the Digital Culture Network I think I expected, along with the other Tech Champions, to be working with a few organisations closely as they developed their new digital plans. We expected things to be at a smooth, gentle pace. In reality, we had more cases than we could have ever hoped for and have seen some incredible transformations over the last few years. We are still a small team, consisting of 9 Tech Champions and support staff but we have helped and advised on literally thousands of cases, seeing skills and ultimately careers grow.  

What is happening in the world of digital content right now? 

 We are still finding out what the new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic looks like. There was a massive rush to live streaming during lockdown, individuals and organisations are now trying to work out how they can deliver affordable and technically wonderful performances to both, live in-person audiences and those people watching online. Those I am currently working to support have not forgotten that people may be unable to travel or that they are finding things very tough with the cost-of-living crisis, they’re working very hard to ensure they are doing the very best for their patrons.  The pandemic has really accelerated the way creative and cultural individuals and organisations consider accessibility, particularly when it comes to digital.

What are you working on right now? 

I am working on a webinar for early next year on the importance of the right keywords for YouTube and some other tips and tricks. I have had the fortune of having some wonderful success on YouTube and have spoken with many organisations and individuals about their own journeys, and how they have got their content the audience it deserves. I thought it was the right time to create a webinar focussed on how you can get the best results possible through this channel.  

How can you help organisations? 

I can help organisations with whatever content dilemma they may be facing. Whether that is not knowing why your content is not getting the audience it deserves, or upskilling staff members on how to make better content using the dusty old camera in the cupboard or even just a smartphone. After 3 years and hundreds of cases, there is always going to be one case I have not yet come across but that is what keeps the job exciting.  


Read more about Dean and book a 1-2-1 now!

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