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Digital Culture Network. Our Data, Your Data.

The Digital Culture Network (DCN), established by Arts Council England, has been at the forefront of digital skills development within the creative and cultural sector for more than 5 year as we celebrate our milestone 5th birthday in Spring 2024. Initiated to respond to the growing need for digital skills as outlined in the 2018 Culture is Digital report by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture, and Sport, the DCN has worked towards developing digital maturity across the creative landscape. Our accomplishments to date reflect a strong commitment to this goal.

Looking back at the last 12 months, we take a moment to celebrate a significant achievement: the completion of over 2,000 one-to-one support cases, helping nearly 700 organisations and individuals. The DCN has been pivotal in guiding cultural and creative organisations through digital transformation, ensuring they emerge stronger and more digitally savvy, as a result, we have collated data that informs us broadly of the needs of those working in our sector.

This milestone marks the sharing of our case data for the very first time, inviting you to take a deeper look into our commitment to digital skills development in our sector.

By sharing our experiences through our data, we encourage others in similar fields to draw upon our insights, fostering a community-wide aim of digital skills development. We’re inspired not only to inform but also to inspire collective progress towards a culture of data driven decision making.

Positive feedback from those using DCN resources highlights the meaning of our work. From crafting digital strategies to boosting online engagement, the outcomes of our interventions are broad and impactful. Our commitment to supporting the creative and cultural sector in upskilling remains unchanged.

You can learn more about our journey and work with our data here.

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