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Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Dean

What has your Digital Culture Network journey looked like so far?

I started working at the DCN five years ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Back then I don’t think I could have imagined how many very different and wonderful organisations and individuals I would meet and help to grow their digital skills.

What is happening in the world of “your specialism” right now?

I’m starting to see a lot of people interested in TikTok, YouTube shorts and Instagram video content. When I have my case calls with organisations and individuals, I stress that they don’t have to follow the latest trends and that just being themselves in a concise vertical video that lasts one minute will do them more justice in the long run than trying to emulate the latest TikTok dance.

What are you working on right now?

Haven’t you heard? I’m on tour! I’m hitting the road (and rail), travelling up and down England to visit organisations and offer half a day of practical support. My specialism is very much practical. I can share links and advice over a zoom call but I’ve found over the past five years that nothing beats practical, on the ground support within the organisation’s space and importantly with the equipment they’ve got to hand, even if that’s just a mobile phone. So, whether it’s people stuck for ideas or lacking the confidence to shoot, edit and upload their videos, I’m here to help with that.

How can you help organisations?

I can help with all aspects of content creation and filming, from the best optimisation of their current videos – whether that’s thumbnails, tags, descriptions or right back to the beginning and asking ‘what is it you want to achieve?’, to how to film something with the resources and time you have and the best editing solutions for you and how we can attract the audience your content deserves.

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