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Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Kath

What has your Digital Culture Network journey looked like so far? 

I joined the Digital Culture Network just over a year ago and have loved getting up to speed with the challenges the sector faces. My specialism is eCommerce and I’ve enjoyed helping everyone from independent artists and makers, to large creative and cultural organisations. I’ve discovered that museums often have sizeable online shops and really value my support.  

What is happening in the world of digital marketing right now?

For a lot of creative and cultural organisations, the pandemic kick-started a journey into eCommerce, with some bumper trading figures while the country was in various lockdowns. As this effect has worn off, I’ve been working with a lot of organisations to help them identify ways to boost and maintain their online sales.   

More broadly in eCommerce, there is a lot of exploration and development of AI-based tools to help eliminate workflows – such as, by using AI to generate product descriptions and to auto-crop or edit backgrounds in product imagery.  

What are you working on right now? 

Lots of things! I am preparing an article on the most useful eCommerce metrics, I’m developing some eCommerce reporting dashboards for Kettle’s Yard, which, in the future, could form a template which can be used by other organisations in the sector. I’m helping the Postal Museum assess the pricing and order thresholds for delivery from their online shop, and I also have a roundtable session to prepare for the Bloomberg Digital Accelerator Programme. 

How can you help organisations? 

I can help organisations to take their first steps in the world of eCommerce or help organisations who already have an online shop in place to identify opportunities to grow their online sales.  

I often help organisations with a review of their online trading to identify the trends and long-term drivers of their performance. I will also help them to audit their online customer journey and identify opportunities for improvement. Last but not least, I can help advise on which platforms and tools are best suited to the needs of organisations within the sector and how these platforms can connect to other parts of their setup – such as their CRM, their ticketing and accounting systems. 


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