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Tech Champion Spotlight – Meet Andy

What has your Digital Culture Network journey looked like so far?

I’ve been in post for around a year having previously co-owned a successful digital agency. This role has jump started my passion for digital communication and using technology and creative thinking to solve problems. I’m really enjoying learning about the sector and I get a real buzz from assisting creative and cultural organisations of varying size, as well as individual artistic practitioners with their website problems!

What is happening in the world of websites right now?

There’s a temptation to start rattling off cuttingedge technologies on the horizon, but the truth is – certainly in our sector – what I’m seeing is organisations evolving and maturing their website’s online presence. Each website iteration is increasingly focused on audience and strategic objectives rather than being showy or led by here today–gone tomorrow trends. Having said that, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the hot topic of the moment and is increasingly being used as a streamlining tool for content generation and general efficiency of workflows. Watch this space!

What are you working on right now?

There’s lots going on! Right now, I’m supporting a newly formed and very ambitious CPP (Creative People and Places) with a brand and website project to promote art and culture in their region by reviewing agency presentations and advising on what questions to ask and flagging any gaps in their thinking. Not so long ago I was the one doing the pitching, so it’s fun to be on the other side of the board table!

How can you help organisations?

Firstly, by listening. No two organisations or artists we help are the same, though often their ambitions or challenges may be similar. They have differing experience and digital skillsets, so it is crucial advice is jargon-free and pitched at the right level. For my specialism, common cases include: 

  • Website audits that identify areas for improvement  
  • Helping to create a comprehensive brief for new website projects 
  • Providing input on website proposals and presentations to ensure they are getting an appropriate response and good value for money  
  • Advising on relationships with agency and freelance suppliers

Read more about Andy and book a 1-2-1!

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