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Ollie Couling

Ollie specialises in digital marketing and strategy. He can support you through the research, planning and development stages of your strategy, providing tools, techniques, and tactics to improve your chances of success online. Based in the Bristol office, Ollie offers Digital Marketing support to creative and cultural organisations across England.

Articles by Ollie Couling

Intermediate Read Digital Strategy   

3 Prioritisation Techniques for Arts Marketeers

The role of prioritisation tools has become increasingly vital for creative and cultural organisations. This article explores the Value vs Effort, The Kano Model, and MoSCoW methods and how these tools can support more efficient and effective marketing plans.

   ·   11 months ago

Intermediate Read Digital Strategy   

Limited resources? Do less and achieve more.

Do you often find yourself juggling 10 different tasks at once? Do you find you are not doing things as well as you know you could? This article will help you to streamline your marketing and redirect focus towards feasible and sustainable goals.

   ·   11 months ago

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