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Digital Culture Network (DCN) expands: A new Tech Champion!

In an exciting development for the sector, the DCN welcomes a new Tech Champion specialising in supporting organisations to gather and harness the power of audience data. 

By actively driving engagement with two of our Investment Principles: Ambition and Quality, and Inclusivity and Relevance, this arrival marks a significant step forward in leveraging data for transformative impact alongside our new data insights platform, Illuminate. 

Meet your new Tech Champion:

A man with light brown hair and glasses wearing an orange and blue coat.


Jack Roscoe joins as our Data Methodologies and Systems Tech Champion, based in Manchester. Jack has a passion for literature and is a keen photographer. 

Jack has worked at a senior level in the world of market research, leading on a variety of projects for Acumen Fieldwork and Morris Hargreaves McIntyre. During his time at Acumen Fieldwork, Jack developed broad data collection expertise along with technical expertise in survey and methodology design.   

Jack is adept in translating briefs, research objectives and scopes into practical, high-quality data collection operations. He has a very practical approach to processes, data protection and compliance with experience improving systems and documentation to improve workflow. Whether an organisation is looking for a slicker way to deliver an in-person audience survey or they might dream of taking it digital, Jack is ready to support. 

Get in touch with Jack to take those first steps in Data Collection or to identify opportunities to improve audience data management. 


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