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Question about the Digital Culture Awards?

Hopefully, this list of frequently asked questions can help, but if not, please drop us an email [email protected].

Can we enter?

All organisations and individuals who are eligible for Arts Council England funding can apply. This means you either need to work for or with a not-for-profit creative or cultural organisation in England or be an individual who is working independently or freelance in an Arts Council supported discipline. Funded disciplines include Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Art, New Media, Combined Arts, Literature, Museums and Libraries. Sector Support Organisations and Investment Principles Support Organisations are also eligible. You don’t currently need to be in receipt of funding.

What is the eligibility period?

Your entered project or campaign must have taken place (wholly or in-part) during the eligibility period of 1 September 2021 to 31 December 2022.

Is there a prize?

As Arts Council England is a publicly funded body, we are unable to offer cash prizes. However, this year we’ve partnered with some brilliant organisations who are offering in-kind support for the Shortlist and Winners in the Content Creator and Digital Inclusion categories. 

Why should we enter?

Fame! If shortlisted, you and your entered project will be shared across Arts Council and Digital Culture Network channels and put on the radar of tech and creative sector experts. You will be invited to join us for the in-person Awards Ceremony along with other and Judges, where Winners will be presented with a trophy. The Shortlist and Winners will receive branded digital email signatures and certificates and the Winners will be featured in a Digital Culture Network Case Study, receiving ongoing publicity across our digital channels.

Can we enter one category more than once?

You can enter the same category multiple times as long as you are entering a different project or campaign.

Can we enter the same project or campaign into more than one category?

You can, but please ensure each entry references the correct category criteria.

Can I re-enter a project from last year?

We know that some projects will have a lifespan across the eligibility periods of the 2022 and 2023 Awards. If your project continued into the eligibility period for the 2023 Awards, and you can demonstrate new discoveries or outcomes, then we’d love to hear updates on existing projects. Several categories have had a refresh since 2022, so you might want to consider if your project is still relevant for the same category.

Who should submit the entry?

This will depend on the category and the scale or structure of your organisation. Before doing your submission, you might want to consider speaking with the people responsible for marketing, participation, HR, finance, or data (just to name a few). They could have unexpected insights, examples, or an interest in entering a category you didn’t consider!

How will the winners be chosen?

In the first round, each category will be longlisted by an expert team of Digital Culture Network Tech Champions and the Arts Council England Innovation and Creative Media teams. In the second round, an independent industry expert Judge will pick their top entries which will be the Shortlist for each category. For the two People’s Choice categories, we’ll then open it up to you to pick your favourite. All Winners will be announced during the live Awards ceremony in Spring 2023.

How do we submit our entry?

We are taking entries using the Zealous platform, which you can access using the buttons on the category pages on this website. To view the category entry form you will need to register on the Zealous platform and begin a draft submission. You can edit your entry as often as you like up until you press the ‘Submit’ button. We’ve tried to make entering as simple as possible – all we need is a short description of your project, your contact details, a few supporting assets and answers to three questions specific to the category.

We’ve got some questions – who do we ask?

If you have a technical question about the Zealous platform, you can use their live chat or email them at [email protected] for support.

For everything else, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Can we get some help to submit our entry?

We want to make sure everyone can take part in the Digital Culture Awards. If you need some support with making your submission, you can get in touch with Arts Council’s Access Support team at [email protected].

How will you store our data?

All data will be stored in accordance with the Arts Council England privacy policy. Your application will be shared with Judges for longlisting and shortlisting purposes. If you make it to the Shortlist round, parts of the application will be shared publicly. More information about what we will share publicly can be found in the Guidelines for each category on the Zealous platform. Your contact details will not be shared with the Judges or publicly.

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