Crowd of cheering people Introduction to Box Office, Ticketing and CRM

Understanding your audience data can be your ticket to success. Read on to find out how to make the most of what your customers tell you.

  ·   5 months ago
Group of young people using lanterns to see in the dark Top Tips for CRM

Five tips for implementing a new Customer Relationship Management system to improve results all round.

  ·   5 months ago
Two people juggling while balancing on a platform CRM: A Diagnostic Checklist

Customer Relationship Management is all about keeping the customer satisfied: our checklist will help you put them at the heart of your services.

  ·   5 months ago
Image of interconnected network of rope Discovering the right ticketing & CRM tech for you

It's never been more important to ensure you are using technology that can immediately add value and grow with your organisation over the years. Understanding which companies to approach and how to articulate your requirements to them is a key step in making the right decision.

  ·   12 months ago