Whether you’ve reached new engagement heights from a social media or email marketing campaign, revamped your online shop, taken your creative offer online or made use of your data to drive organisational change – we want to hear about it!

We’ve brought together arts and tech sector leaders to partner with us and act as Judges, with the goal of shining a light on the digital innovation and creativity you’ve displayed over the past two years. Winners and runners-up will be promoted on Arts Council and Digital Culture Network channels.

Read on to find out more about the 8 categories and to get one step closer to being a Digital Culture Award winner.

Submissions are open now and close at 10am on Monday 8 November.

Digital Storytelling

Use of digital for impactful storytelling to engage audiences. Achieved by use of one or several connected narratives across digital media platforms with a strong audience-focused voice and story. Examples might include engagement campaigns for a new show/exhibition or your brand. Platforms could include text, images, video, audio, social media, website, apps, interactive elements and others. This category gives you the opportunity to showcase how you have innovatively used digital formats and technologies to tell a story about your organisation, project or your experience.

Digital Inclusion

Innovation to widen access to artistic engagement. Examples might include inclusion of wider audiences through removing barriers to engagement with digital content or tools, access to technology, broadband, digital skills development, or improved accessibility of digital content. This category gives you the opportunity to showcase how you are building accessibility and inclusivity into your work to ensure everyone can participate fully in arts and culture.

Being Social

Use of digital to reach, grow and engage existing and new audiences. Examples could include a targeted campaign using one or more channels or developing and building an online community/group. This category gives you an opportunity to showcase your innovative campaigns and creative uses of social media and other digital marketing tools to grow social communities, extend your brand position and messaging.

Content Creation and Distribution

Development of creative content and innovative uses of digital technology to distribute cultural content into homes, cultural venues, community spaces or further afield. Content could for example include short/long-form video, audio, immersive, podcasts, and work that was designed (or re-designed) to be delivered digitally or in a hybrid format. This category is an opportunity for you to showcase innovation in digital content creation and/or distribution for your organisational goals and audiences in an impactful way.

Income Generation

Innovative digital revenue generation, monetisation or income diversification. Examples could include digital fundraising, online retail, new partnerships, crowd funding initiatives, virtual exhibitions and performances and digital memberships.
This category is an opportunity for you to showcase new and creative ways to monetise digital content or how you have developed new or existing income sources through digital.

Data Driven

Use of data to create meaningful organisational change or support strategic decision making. This could include the use of data gathering, analysis and insight for informed decision making or building an organisational data culture. This category is an opportunity for you to showcase how embracing a data driven approach to some or all your activity, has produced measurable and impactful results for your organisation.

Digital Trailblazer

Organisational digital adoption and transformation. Examples include enhancing the digital literacy of your organisation’s leadership and teams, development of a new or existing digital strategy, or an increased adoption/integration of digital technology into the day to day running of an organisation, its processes, systems, business model or expansion into new opportunities. This category is an opportunity for you to showcase how innovatively your organisation has embedded digital practises into organisational structures, resulting in measurable change or progress.

Emerging Digital Leader

Inspiring individual contributions to driving improved performance, making change in an organisation/project or increasing audience reach and engagement, with digital technologies as the enabler to this change. This leader could be from any level within the organisation, and of any skill level – they should be a creative and innovative force for change.