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Digital Culture Award Winner Case Study: Crab Museum

A photograph of a crab situated infront of a black background. There are captions above and below the crab, but the text appears backwards, as if reflected in a mirror. The text reads "How does it feel to be the meme for once you stupid human?"
Original Caption: “Sometimes it really do be. P.C:”

Crab Museum is Europe’s first museum dedicated to the world of the decapod. Created and managed by a trio of crab enthusiasts – Bertie, Chase and Ned – the museum aims to roll science, humour and philosophy into a unique and satisfyingly baffling (and free) day out.

Crab Museum won the Being Social category in the 2023 Digital Culture Awards, for their radical and unhinged social strategy.

The winning project

Crab Museums’ social presence uses humour and memes about crabs to address complex issues such as environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Their tongue-in-cheek approach has increased engagement and offered opportunities for honest discussion on the state of the planet, whilst creating a rare, personal relationship between online followers and the physical museum.

A large teddy bear is slouched in the back area of a rubbish truck. Above the teddy a caption reads "a museum that focuses on invertabrates". Next to the teddy is a caption that reads "things with spines lol".
Crab Museum meme (Visit the original post here)

As a new museum (opened in 2019), their unique strategy has been crucial for developing their audience, reaching the global crab enthusiast community, and bringing visitors to the physical museum. They saw over 26,000 visitors in 2022, are now the highest rating tourist attraction in Margate, and their international renown has seen them invited as keynote speakers to Crabcon 2023. They’ve taken advantage of collaboration opportunities to widen their audience and explored different frameworks for engagement including a successful crowdfunding campaign.

They leveraged their community and influencers within the space to amplify their message to great success.

Haydn Corrodus, Being Social Judge

By recognising the opportunities available to them and carving out a radical and distinctive social media presence, Crab Museum has quickly developed an impressively broad but relevant audience and laid the foundation for their continued existence and success as a space for scientific and interdisciplinary learning. They are an exemplar of how to find your niche and leverage it to build a positive and lasting brand.

About the Being Social category

Being Social celebrates innovative use of social media platforms to reach, grow and engage with new and existing audiences. Crab Museum was the winner, decided by public vote, in this category in the 2023 Digital Culture Awards for their entry Creating a Radical and Unhinged Social Media Strategy for a Very Real Museum.

2023 Digital Culture Award Winners

Meet and be inspired by more of the brilliant Winners in the 2023 Digital Culture Awards. The nine categories celebrate innovation in areas including digital content creation and distribution, online audience engagement, digital income development strategies, data-led decision-making and overall commitment to digital skills development and capacity building.

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