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Introduction to Digital Content

Storytelling is the key to amazing content. Read on to understand how to incorporate great content into all facets of your digital marketing.

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Open Sky website
Case Study: Open Sky’s digital journey from creating digital content to setting up eCommerce

Open Sky Theatre is a small theatre company with big ideas based in rural Herefordshire, combining new writing with physical and digital theatre to tell powerful, moving stories based on real world events. Read on to find out how the Digital Culture Network supported Open Sky's Digital Director, Lisle Turner, in reimagining the organisation's digital strategy. Case study from December 2020.

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Producing video content

This resource provides information and advice on making video content using a smartphone. As well as considerations for generating content, it contains advice on hardware, software and distribution.

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How to start a Podcast by The Space

How can a small team or a small arts organisation, perhaps overstretched and always with limited funding, take their work and bring it to a wider audience through podcasting? Clare Freeman shows you how to use what you already know, how to add to your skills, and why now is the time to make an arts podcast.

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The Space’s Digital Rights Toolkit

There may be a piece or production your organisation has created that is crying out for a wider audience or a longer life online. But everyone wanting to share or make digital arts content faces the same hurdle: clearing the rights in their work so it can be seen on TV, in cinemas or online. The Space has been working on an initiative to develop more guidance to organisations in the sector since 2017. Click to find out more.

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Live streaming for the arts: lo-fi and low cost options

Live streaming an event or performance might feel unattainable, but there are low-cost and low-tech options for everyone. In this article by The Space, Jason Crouch, a freelance digital consultant with expertise in live streaming and a PhD in contemporary arts and technology, shares his tips on how to get started.

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Stage Text: Digital Subtitling Training

This free training, led by Stage Text's Programmes Systems Manager, Oliver Webster, will show you how subtitles work, talk you through the huge audience who use subtitles, and show you step-by-step how to start producing subtitles on YouTube's free platform.

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