Customer Relationship Management CRM


Customer Relationship Management CRM

5 Tips for Cleaning your CRM

Your organisation’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a powerful tool, but when your data becomes muddied with duplicates or incomplete information, it throws a spanner into your organisational processes. Here are 5 simple ways to clean up your organisation’s CRM.

   ·   9 months ago
Jargon Busters

In this tea break chat, we asked some of our Tech Champions about their early experiences working in digital, by the end, you might realise that you are not alone when it comes to learning the digital ropes.  

   ·   2 years ago
Case Study: Open Sky’s digital journey from creating digital content to setting up eCommerce

Open Sky Theatre is a small theatre company with big ideas based in rural Herefordshire, combining new writing with physical and digital theatre to tell powerful, moving stories based on real world events. Read on to find out how the Digital Culture Network supported Open Sky's Digital Director, Lisle Turner, in reimagining the organisation's digital strategy. Case study from December 2020.

   ·   4 years ago