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Webinar recording – Optimising the customer funnel

About the webinar

In this 45 minute webinar, presented by Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail at IMRG, you’ll learn market benchmarks and tips for improving your conversion rates for shoppers using a smartphone and other mobile devices.

IMRG are the UK eCommerce association and were founded in 2000. They provide market data and insights to retailers selling online. They’re best known for their Market Benchmarking, which comes from a panel of 150 retailers who share with them their website sales figures each week.

IMRG also produce a wide variety of best practice and optimisation guides to help retailers improve their websites. All of the recommendations are based on the activities and behaviours of the top retailers in the UK who have shared their performance data with IMRG.

The session was facilitated by Roberta Beattie, Tech Champion for Websites.

You will learn

  • What a good/average/bad sales conversion looks like
  • The features employed by the best converting websites
  • How delivery influences checkout conversion
  • Which functionalities to put on your product pages

You’ll get extra value by pulling your own customer funnel figures before watching the session so you can compare against the market as the presentation progresses.

Resources and links

Download the presentation used in the webinar

Further Support

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