Making the Most Out of Your Data

Making the Most Out of Your Data

Introduction to Audience Research

Audience research is the process of gathering information about the people who visit you or see your work, use your services, or engage with your organisation.

   ·  9 months ago

Beginner Read Websites   

Top Tips for Websites

Whether you're creating a brand-new site or reviewing your existing web presence completely, here are some recommendations for making your website as effective as possible.

   ·   3 years ago

Beginner Read Social Media   

What’s a social media ‘pixel’ and what do they do?

Social media tracking pixels are a powerful tool for marketers working in the arts and culture sector. But how do they work? How can they support and improve your paid advertising? And are there any drawbacks you need to be aware of? This article will answer these questions and give you a better understanding of a social media 'pixel'.

   ·   11 months ago

Beginner Read Data Analytics and Insight   

Getting started with Google Looker Studio

In this article, we explore Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) and how it can be used to create interactive and shareable reports to help you see how you are performing, if you're on track to reach your objectives, and identify opportunities for change.

   ·   2 years ago